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Signos Kit

Wearable CGM & sport cover. Continuous tracking. Bluetooth connected. Water resistant.

Signos app access.
Glucose data made simple. Prompts to guide you. Food logs of what works.

Smart device integration.
Pair with your watch or ring for workout integration.

The Signos Kit: A smart phone with the weight loss report from the Signos app displayed on the phone. A CGM sensor, Signos CGM sports cover, and a smart watch. The smart watch is not included in the Signos Kit.

Seize the benefits of Signos today

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AI-Powered Weight Loss

Based on your unique metabolic responses

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Visual of Your Glucose

Shows what range to maintain for weight loss

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Glucose Spike Alerts

Gives advice to lower your glucose quickly

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Community Challenges

Accountability through challenges with friends

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Educational Content

Learn the science behind your weight loss

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Best-in-Class CGM

Signos tailors recommendations to suit your needs

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Track Food & More

Log food, sleep, activity, hydration in one place

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Actionable Progress Reports

Weekly views on what caused biggest spikes

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Sync Your Health Data

Apple Watch & Health data syncs automatically

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